Several years ago, I was introduced to the idea of detoxing animals from toxic elements. The first animal that I had to detox was a horse of ours that had toxic levels of Round-up Ready in her system. The process took about a month to complete, using a holistic treatment.

The second animal that I had to detox was my husbands Boarder Collie, Payton. Payton was found to have toxic levels of pyrethroid in her system. Pyrethroid is an active ingredient in many flea and tick products. Not only can this be toxic to dogs and cats, but, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it is “likely to be a carcinogenic to humans”. What? I know…I’ll give you a minute to read that again.

It was during the detoxification process of this chemical that I learned just how powerful Cracked Cell Chlorella is in ridding the body of toxins. It has the ability to flush these poisons right out of the body which will then enable the body and it’s organs to function as they are supposed to. It has also been used in dogs who have undergone cancer treatments as it can flush the residuals left over from cancer medications and treatments. I have also heard testimonies of it shrinking tumors and healing skin disorders. One of the reasons that this amazing algae works like it does is that it has the same molecule structure as hemoglobin, except for one atom. This enables it to make your pets blood healthy again while scrubbing his organs clean. It also increases the amount of oxygen that is carried through the blood cells and who wouldn’t benefit from more oxygen in their blood? This truly is an amazing additive to any feeding routine.

When I was detoxing Payton, I was giving her at least double the daily recommended dose. Our Cracked Cell Chlorella comes in a powder or in tiny chewable tablets. Payton was eating twenty to thirty tablets per day. Once her test came back clear from the toxin, we reduced it to only four tablets per day. With that being said, anytime I have to medicate or vaccinate my pets, I triple that dose for a week prior and a week after. This keeps any toxic buildup from happening and that is a GREAT thing! (As with anything newly added to your dogs diet, start slowly and build up the dosage gradually.)

There are many forms and sellers of Chlorella out there and I have looked at many of them. While I do try to stay loyal to my brand, I am also a smart shopper who wants the cleanest, most potent product, at the best price, which is exactly what we have. I encourage you to go to the “Healthy Pets” tab and check out our Chlorella, the most pure and highest potency product out there. So much so, it is people grade!

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-love ~ Tammy

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