As you may know, from a recent post of mine, I took in a nine-year-old Bengal cat who recently lost her two-legged mom. When her owner passed away, the family decided that they did not want a cat, so, here we are.

When I picked Ester up, I was told that she “sneezes” when she gets nervous. “Okay”, I thought. I have a lot more experience with dogs and horses, so it could simply be something that I never knew about. As Esther got settled in, I did notice her sneezing, a lot, so I took her into my vet. The diagnosis? Cat herpes! What?! I was told that almost all cats carry the virus in their system but that it lay dormant unless there is extreme stress. Hum…explains the “sneezing when stressed” comment, doesn’t it? She was prescribed two medications to help her recover from this “outbreak”. A gel, that you are supposed to put on her food, and a liquid anti-viral that you are supposed to administer twice a day.

Well, she would not touch the food, any part of the food, with the gel anywhere near it. As far as the liquid anti-viral went, let’s just say that my husband and I are lucky that we didn’t need to be sown up after trying to give her the very first dose.

That got me looking into my trusty, naturopathic alternatives, one of my favorites, to be exact; spirulina. Spirulina is a marine algae that is so nutrient dense, it has the power to increase immune function, increase stamina, fight cancer, and promote healthier cellular function. It contains chlorophyll which helps clean and detoxify the system. On top of that, it is an anti-viral, and anti-neoplastic, and and incredible anti-inflammatory agent. Perfect! Instead of fighting with Esther over giving her some synthetic medications, which I am convinced would have ended in an urgent care visit, I started sprinkling spirulina over her food every morning and every evening. Now, I will admit that I wasn’t sure how she would like it, but, she immediately took to it…even licking her bowl clean of all of the green leftovers.

About a week and a half later, the sneezing had almost completely stopped and she seemed to have perked right up. She sleeps great and night and is just as talkative and sassy as ever, which is a great sign. I have been keeping her on the spirulina, since she loves it so much, and because we have been traveling so much lately, I didn’t want another stressful episode to to trigger her cat-herpes. According to my middle daughter, who is currently house sitting for us, Esther is still lapping up all of her amazing green goodness and not having any issues with sneezing fits. In my book, that is a WIN!

Spirulina is something that I give, regularly, to my dogs. It is also something that is a part of my daily diet. I knew that it was such an amazing anti-viral because when I was diagnosed with shingles, a few years ago, and was given prescription anti-virals, which I refused to take, spirulina was one of my remedies and was able to completely ease my shingles symptoms within five days. It is, truly, an amazing, green, miracle!

So, where can you get it? How do you know if it is a reliable source? What about purity and potency?

You can purchase spirulina exactly as I do; from a twenty-five year old company who has been specializing in organic superfoods, from day one, and who has the purest and most potent form of spirulina available. Just click on the “Healthy Pets” tab, and find the Organic Spirulina. You can order it directly from there and remember to use gift code LOYALTY to get $50 off of your first order, and 25% off of all future orders.

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-loves ~ Tammy





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