Last Friday, about two hours after I finished my blog, one of our Border Collies, Payton, decided to injure herself by running under a trailer to get a ball. My husband and I had been working in the horse pasture trying to rearrange some space for some of our horses. We were adding panels so had a trailer, parked in the back yard, by the gate, which we were off-loading panels from. Payton is one of those dogs that is absolutely crazy, when it comes to chasing balls. Well, we think that she ran under the trailer, to get a ball, no doubt, and sliced her back open. Now, we have over fifty animals here, at our small ranch, and I self vet a lot of them and can handle many different scenarios, so, we brought her in the house, for a closer look.

As soon as I saw how deep the cut was, I picked up the phone and called our dog vet. As always, they told us to bring her in, right away, so they could take a look at it. Now, Payton, is probably the most expensive dog we have, when it comes to illness and injury; when she was just a pup, she got a foxtail in her throat and had to have surgery to remove it. A couple of years after that, she was accidentally hit with a baseball bat when she jumped up to grab a ball that was being hit with a bat. (My husband later took that bat, cut it into pieces, and burned it in the fire place.) About a year after that, Payton was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, which required testing and, to this day, requires continual medication. This past March, Payton spent a few days in the hospital after another bout with a foxtail only this time, because of her Addison’s disease, her blood levels were affected and they had to get that stabilized. Now…this. With all of that being said, we are thankful that we are able to get care for our animals, when it is needed and are happy that we are surrounded by incredibly gifted veterinarians who truly love what they do and deeply care for their patients.

I am asked, a lot actually, if I still use traditional veterinarians, with all of the holistic remedies that I know about and the support from the functional healing world and the answer is yes! It is very important to have knowledgable doctors in your corner when you need them. Stitches in Payton’s back were not something that I wanted to mess around with, so I took her to someone who had the equipment and knowledge to take care of her. Now, I don’t necessarily use all of the pain medication that they prescribe, as I have alternatives for pain that are just as effective and a lot safer. I also make sure that I add a little more cracked cell chlorella to her meals to make sure that the prescriptions that I do use are able to be flushed out of her body so that they don’t stick around and wreak havoc on her system.

My point is this; homeopathic medicine and natural healing techniques are amazing and have saved many many lives, but there is a balance in knowing when you need to step outside of that and seek help from maybe more “traditional” professionals who have the ability and knowhow to fix these emergency situations, even though they may not be “natural-paths”.  I encourage everyone I know to have a veterinarian, that they are comfortable with and that their pet is comfortable with, and that is available for emergency situations. We have several, mainly because we have so many species of animals here, but  we trust all of them and all of them know that we prefer homeopathic to traditional medication…and they respect that. It’s about communication and mutual respect. Both of which, this world could use a whole lot more of right now.

Many blessing to you and your four-legged-loves ~ Tammy

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