Can dogs get colds? I’ve heard that question a lot, especially this time of year. It’s fall, the rainy and cooler weather has begun, and every where I go people are sniffling, hacking, and sneezing. Cold and flu season is definitely upon us and most of us start prepping for this by upping our Vitamin C intake, drinking more fluids, and washing our hands more often. Most of the time, these simple precautions work, but what about our dogs? Can they catch a cold? Can they catch our cold? Can they spread colds? Maybe we should all just live in a bubble, for the next few months….(please don’t consider the bubble option…I have some other possible solutions.)

Yes; dogs can and do get colds. No; they cannot get them from people and people cannot get them from dogs, as they are different viruses and cannot be passed from one species to another. Cold symptoms in dogs, like in humans, can range between mild to extreme. They can have runny or stuffy noses, a cough, sneezing, and decreased appetite. (Sound familiar?) Their energy level could be greatly decreased and they may just want to lay around. The caution here is that some of these symptoms are also symptoms of serious illness, so it is important to keep track of the length of time that these symptoms stick around and their severity. If any of these symptoms last for longer than a couple days, please get your pet to the vet, preferably a holistic vet, to make sure that there is nothing more serious going on.

Like people, we can help to ward off these illnesses, before they have a chance to attack and affect our fur babies. There are a couple of different products that I start giving to my dogs, daily, as soon as I start noticing illnesses in people around me. I put all of my dogs on Biome Medic, which flushes the toxin glysophate, from the gut and intestine. This helps to increase the immune system because the body is then able to absorb more of the nutrients that will help to ward off viruses. (Every human, in my household, is on a daily dose of this as well.) I also add our Organic Spirulina to their meals. This is an incredible superfood that greatly supports the immune system, in pets and people alike. The last thing that I will recommend is the Cracked Cell Chlorella, which I keep my pets on, year round. Chlorella is natures richest source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is why dogs, instinctually, eat grass. It is a nutrient that their bodies crave because it helps to re-build their red blood cells, fight infection, detox the digestive system, heal wounds faster, and build up the immune system.

(By clicking on the “Healthy Pets” button, on my home page, you can shop directly for these products, which are the highest potency and purest form available, at these prices.)

We are all in love with our pets and want them to stay around, and healthy, for as long as possible. Organic superfoods have the ability to make their lives, and ours, happier and healthier. After all, if the body is being fed the whole food nutrients that it was created to live on, what more, other than love and scratches behind the ear, could they possibly need.

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-loves ~ Tammy


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