There is so much conversation right now about recalled dog foods that I thought I would share some important information with you regarding this topic. I talk a lot about foods because everyone has to feed their pets. Not everyone puts that much thought into what to feed their pets and I’d like to suggest that you do so. Just like it is super important to watch what we out into our bodies and our childrens bodies, it is as important to pay attention to what you are feeding your fur-friend. I have been given many answers, over the years, as to why people just feed whatever dog food is the cheapest. The most common answer is, “it’s a dog“. To that I say, “yes, it’s a dog!!!“. Like our children, they have no choice in what they are being fed because it is being fed to them. They just know that they are hungry, so they eat it, not realizing that the ingredients could, potentially, be very harmful. With that being said, I also believe that most people feed poor quality dog food because they simply don’t know any better. They are not aware that there are recalls on pet foods just as there are recalls on human foods. Some of the recalls are problems that are found, by the manufacturer, so they choose to recall the questionable products, make the necessary adjustments, and then restock their stores. To those manufactures I say, “thank you for stepping up and taking care of a potential problem before it becomes a problem”.

The other end of that spectrum are the manufacturers that don’t really care about the quality, or their customers, but only really care about the bottom line, so they use questionable ingredients. Sometimes those questionable ingredients cause serious illness and even death. Then the FDA has to step in and force a recall. To those manufactures, I say, “I will vote with my dollar and will not purchase your products”, which is exactly what I do.

When I look at dog food recall information, I look at a few different things: first, I look at who ordered the recall? Was it the manufacturer or did the FDA have to get involved? Second, I look at other foods that have been recalled and determine if any of them come from the same manufacturer. If there have been one or two recalls, from a single manufacturer, over the past several years, and the manufacturer was the one to issue the recall, I chalk it up to a corrected mistake and will keep them as a consideration. Third, I look to see if there were any illness caused by the problem or even deaths. These three factors determine what manufactures I will and won’t buy from. Period.

Did you know that about eighty-five percent of dog foods have cancer causing ingredients in them? Eighty-five percent!!! This, my friends, is the reason that I look so closely at what I feed my dogs. I hear stories and know more and more people who’s dogs are being diagnosed with cancer. Why? Because of the foods they are eating. Now, I understand that is not the case with all cancers, but it is the majority. I had a conversation with a friend of mine, a while back, who was telling me that she simply couldn’t afford organic foods. All I have to say to that is, “can you afford cancer treatment, a few years from now?”. If you don’t believe me, check out a couple of the sites that I found: , …and that is just two, of many!

There is a site that lists all of the recalls, complete with the recall information, it is and has excellent information. You can also simply go to and look up recalled dog food. My goal, with this information is not to frustrate and overwhelm you, but to try to make you aware that not all dog foods are the same. Not all dog food companies have ethics that align with dog lovers, like you and I. I implore you to take a minute and see if your food, or even the manufacturer, are really the safest option for your pet, short term and long term. I would also like to suggest that just because a vet’s office sells a certain brand of dog food, does not mean that it is safe. In fact, one of the most commonly sold brands, by veterinarian offices, has been recalled more than almost all other companies. They even have several pet deaths on their records with class action lawsuits. When/if your veterinarian prescribes a certain pet food, I urge you to do your due diligence on that brand and that product. The truth is, veterinary offices get kick backs for selling that food, at an exaggerated price. Look into organic and/or holistic alternatives that may actually help your four-legged-baby without lining the pockets of people just looking to increase their dollar earned.

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-love ~ Tammy



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