To say that I was born and animal lover, would be a huge understatement. I was riding horses (with my dad), feeding chickens, and helping with ranch chores as I was learning to walk. By the time I was six years old, I had my very own dog, when I turned eight, I got my first cat, and when I was thirteen, I became a “wrangler” at the local equestrian center, getting paid to take out of town guests on trail rides. The older I got, the more in love with animals I became. I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian so that I could pour my life and effort into these amazing creatures.

Poor decisions followed by bad choices landed me in no position, grade wise or financially speaking, to pursue a career in animal medicine. So, I did what any person in my position would do…I watched, asked lots of questions, made friends with, and learned from some amazing teachers and healers in medicine. 

Five years ago, a dog, Luke, was dropped off at our house and literally left for dead. The owners didn’t care wether he lived or died and refused to put any money into him to find out what his issue was. I immediately started researching solutions and reaching out to my veterinary friends. Between us, we figured out what his problem was, treated him, holistically, and today he is a magnificent one-hundred and fifty pound guardian of our ranch.

Around the same time, that Luke was dropped off at our place, we had a horse that was not doing too well. I sent in some testing to some holistic doctors and they told me that she had toxic levels of “round-up ready” in her system. Round-up ready? What in the world was that? More doctor teaching and research led me to answers that I was not sure that I liked because it was not only affecting our animal’s food sources, but it was affecting our for sources. Thankfully, she was able to be treated, again, holistically, and was completely cleared and detoxed from the toxicities that had been plaguing her system.

Since that time, I have been able to help and mentor people who want organic, holistic solutions for their four-legged-loves, I have seen miraculous things happen, using organic superfoods, instead of chemicals, and I have seen animals go on to live the long and healthy lives that they deserve.

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