Like people, pets can sometimes experience joint pain and discomfort. In fact, I have found that over half of the dogs that I know, over the mid-age range, are affected by some sort of joint pain. If you, or your dog, can relate to this, I invite you to read on.

The three most common causes of arthritis in dogs are developmental issues, degenerative problems, and inflammation. Developmental issues have more to do with the joints not growing quite right in some dogs. The size of the dog can have a lot to do with this as well as specific breeds. In general, larger breeds can have more developmental issues than smaller breeds. Degenerative problems can happen when the ligaments start wearing down or getting worn out…degenerating. Inflammation can be caused by many factors including food. For those of you who are aware of the current food crisis, that we are now in, this will be a little bit obvious for you; certain foods increase inflammation in the body like sugar, some fats, aspartame, and MSG. However, the most common cause of inflammation in the body, human or pet, are the chemicals and toxins that have saturated our food supply. These factors are wreaking  havoc and education is the key to stopping this epidemic.

As important as it is to feed the cleanest foods possible to your pets, sometimes, this simply isn’t enough and you will need to exercise additional steps. I have a fourteen year old Australian Shepherd who started exhibiting signs of arthritis a few years ago. I tried the most common and main stream approaches but found little to no relief. Then, I found a solution, with organic superfoods, that have made such a remarkable difference. Why? Because organic superfoods are…simply put…exactly that; organic, meaning NO chemicals or toxins, superfoods, meaning they are FOODS that the body can recognize and utilize. If you’d like more information on specific brands and ingredients, please be sure to “opt-in” for our email list. You will also receive a $50 gift card.

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-loves. ~ Tammy 

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