What we’ve been told about vaccines

Most veterinarians will completely disagree with what I am about to share with you regarding vaccines. My own veterinarian is in that group. They don’t want to talk about the negative effects and their association to chronic and rapidly growing diseases and illness that are life threatening to your dogs. While I am certainly not one to run away in fear when it comes to confrontations with people, I choose not to engage in arguments with someone who has gone to school to earn the title of “doctor”. I do not feel that they are always correct, but I do respect the fact that they did attain many years worth of schooling. I believe that they are truly doing the best that they can for their four-legged-patients, through what they learned in veterinary school.

Most vets, truly do love our animals, they just refuse to step outside of the box when it comes to these pharmaceutical debates. By now, my vet is very aware that I do not agree with prescription medications and with today’s subject: vaccines. I have stated my case on the subject, they have stated their’s, and we simply agree to disagree. Maybe, someday, they will read and accept the same studies that I have found as truth and we will see eye-to-eye on this, but for now, it is what it is.

A few years ago, I was the normal, compliant dog owner. All of my puppies had their four rounds of vaccines. My adult dogs had their yearly vaccines. Since I have given my own vaccines for over thirty years now, I kept very good records of this. Saving about thirty-six dollars per dog, per vaccine, is pretty impressive, so I thought I was using my brain. Since that time, my brain has grown even further…

What we haven’t been told

When puppies are born, they are fed with their mama’s milk, right? Colostrum which is rich in antibodies that protects the puppies from any foreign invaders, like viruses, comes from Mama’s milk. All of this occurs naturally. It is not chemically induced. There isn’t a button that has to be pushed in order to make this happen; it happens because that is how it was created to happen.

Now, here is the eye opening stuff: when a puppy, who is under the age of twelve weeks old, is injected with a vaccine, the antibodies that naturally came from the mama’s milk kicks in and destroys the “virus”, which is what the vaccine is made from. The antibodies think that it is a foreign body, which it is. See what I am saying? Veterinarians are charging forty dollars to inject a vaccine that the pups antibodies kills off. On top of that, they tell you that your puppy will need four of these and then one every year. This is simply not true.

What the studies say

There have been several studies done, by many different institutions, over an alarmingly long period of time. All of these studies were done because if the rapid increase in the number of chronic diseases affecting our four-legged-friends. They had two questions that they were looking to have answered. The first question was; do modified live virus vaccines cause these life threatening diseases? The second question was; are vaccines really necessary for our canine companions to live a healthy and happy lives? The answers that they found will probably shock you, like they did me.

Not only are vaccines causing rashes, seizures, vaccine site terminal tumors, and behavior issues, that are also causing genetic disorders. Dr. Patricia Jordon in her book, Vaccinosis: Hidden in Plain Site, explains exactly that. Dr. Larry Glickman, who spearheaded a large research study at Perdue University, wrote, “I do believe that the heart conditions in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels could be the end result of repeated immunisations by vaccines containing tissue culture contaminants that cause a progressive immune response directed at connective tissue in the heart valves”. Now, I don’t know about you, but I find this information quite alarming, to say the least. He’s talking about genetically creating heath problems because of vaccines!

Perdue University Study

In addition to the Perdue study, there was a survey done by the CHC, Canine Health Concern: https://caninehealthconcern.wordpress.com/2017/03/08/canine-health-concern-vaccine-survey-how-vaccines-harm-our-dogs/. This study reviled that over seventy-three percent of the dogs given vaccines developed a short attention span. Over seventy-two percent of the owners said their dogs were nervous with a lot of worry. An alarming seventy-three percent were diagnosed with epilepsy. All of these conditions, which were not present prior to the vaccines, showed up within three months of the vaccinations.

Here is the link to that study: (By the way, you can see similar statistics if you look at humans and vaccines.) It has also been determined, through several different studies, that inflammation in greatly increased after such vaccines are given. (I will do a whole separate blog relating to inflammation and the conditions and diseases that are associated with that.)

What we can do about vaccinating our dogs

It has been spoon fed to us, for many years, that our dogs need to have these vaccines to “protect” them from harmful diseases that could kill them. Why then, is the very thing that is supposed to be keeping them safe from illness the very thing that is killing tens of thousands of pets a year?

About two years ago I learned that a dog really only needs one vaccine, in his or her lifetime, to protect them for life, as long as that vaccine is given between twelve and sixteen weeks of age. I have now learned, that one vaccine, at the age of six months, is all that is needed. With that being said, there is a movement happening to not vaccinate pets, at all, and those pets are living longer, healthier, and pain free lives. It is really hard to not stop and reconsider what has been shoved down our throats for so long. Now that I have been made aware of this, am listening and I hope that you will to. The truth needs to be known; the wellness and safety of our pets depends on it.

Many blessings to you and your four-legged-loves ~ Tammy



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