My ninety-year-old grandmother has a six year old lab/pit mix named Ruth. Ruth is a very sweet dog and is an excellent companion for my granny, but she is not a great traveler because she never really goes anywhere. Ruth isn’t afraid of traveling, she just gets uncontrollably excited. While her enthusiasm can be very cute, it could also be very dangerous, when in a moving vehicle, and since I am going up to get them both, so that they can spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us, I am going to need to make the trip as safe as possible. In order to ensure everyone’s safe travels, I have come up with a plan:

Crate – Ruth has a crate that she has had since she was a puppy. She sleeps in it, every night, with the door open, and never minds going in it; we will be putting her in the crate for the three hour drive.

Chill – I have access to a product, that I have used many times in the past, for a few of my dogs, and it is called Chill; this is a sub-lingual spray that has GABA (Gamma-Aminobulyric acid) in it so it is an incredible calming agent. It was literally created to replace anti-anxiety medications in humans but it works wonderfully in dogs. That will definitely be used tomorrow. (Also great for people to use if you get anxious from traveling with your pet.)

Encouragement – I have found that in all things animal related, and people, for that matter, the very best results come when there is praise and encouragement involved. I will be talking to Ruth, all three hours, telling her what a good girl she is and how she is fine. Treats are always good to have on hand as well.

Practice – Since I will be driving up to my granny’s today and not driving back with them tomorrow, I will request a practice run with them both. I think that will help Ruth and Granny feel a little more safe and it will make Ruth want to ride, quietly and happily, in her crate.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! May you never forget to be thankful for your fur-babies!

Many Blessings to you and your four-legged-loves ~ Tammy


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